Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too close...

A large thunderstorm built over Sterling and headed off. Taking Erin to gymnastics we could see a brilliant rainbow, both sides and an echo or double of the north part. Stunning, I was still struck by how pretty the rainbow was when we got to gymnastics and everyone is huddled around the radio because south west of Sterling (right by some of our friends houses) is a rotating wall cloud. My friend Leanne could only listen as the wall cloud which dropped 6-8 funnels went right by where her house was. It was dangerously close to Bill and Paula's house to, but kept moving north instead of hitting them. Our friends Mike and Staci actually caught it on video. No one was hurt reportedly and no major property damage. There were definately prayers lifted heavenward and we are thankful for God's mercy!

The picture is Mike and Staci's too. Thanks for sharing ya'll!

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