Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Easter Blessings...

We had a triple blessing this Easter. First the precious gift that Jesus gave us by dying and rising on Easter morning, taking the punishment and shame for our sake. Then we had a birthday. Our sweet little Alan's birthday fell on Easter this year. So we had a dear boy very excited about being 5. That was special. One final blessing: my dear husband was talked into doing a major solo for our Easter cantata. I wanted him to beg out of it because it was too high for him, way too high, and he had a cold. But he stuck it out and really did an awesome job. The precious part was at the end of the cantata we were singing (the choir) a song from Revelation how the saints will get to be in the presence of the Lamb and how we will "all rise in the presence of the Holy one." A few of the women in our church started to stand, not as an ovation for the choir, but out of worship for our Lord. The whole church and it was packed, stood in worship. After 45 minutes of singing, they were still hanging in there with us and they "got it". We all worshipped our Savior together!
We of course had some chocolate to enjoy the day!

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