Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prom Pics--back at ya Staci

My friend Staci, who is back in her prom dress after 8 mths of motherhood! YEAH!!! Reminded me that when I was home for Mitch and Cathie's wedding I tried my own prom dress on. Now, I was actually heavier and less in shape in high school than I am as an adult! HA ;o) Here I am in 1985:

When I gained my freshmen 15+ in college it put me over what I ever hit pregnant. wow. Anyway, so mostly for Staci, here is my own rendition of tryin' on the prom dress 20 years later after 4 children!!!

It was more for fun than any braggin, but it's zipped!


Staci said...

WOW!!!! I'm REALLY impressed! I highly doubt that after FOUR kids that I would fit in mine!!! LOL!

Steve and Joan said...

Looks like the contest is on between Staci and Teri! Wonder if I still have my tux?


Teri said...

Go Steve Go Steve!!!