Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dad & Mom come home soon....Remmy

Dear Dad & Mom (Mike and Staci),
I hope you are having fun in TX, but you have got to come home soon. Chance is driving me crazy, play play play that is all he wants. I thought Trevor was bad!!! I finally started playing with him just to get him to leave me alone and I suppose it is fun, but don't tell anyone! The littlest kid here just keeps hugging me. Every time I walk by he grabs me and gives me a huge hug!!! Sigh, I'm almost all licked out. Well that'll never happen, got Chris reallllllly good last night!

You know how you tell me not to eat dead stuff, well you were right, made me sick, but I felt much better after I threw up the fourth time.

Finally, please come home, they dressed me up in moose antlers, took pictures and posted the picture on the internet. Crazy people here!


RaeAnn said...

That's cute! I'm sure he misses Mike & Staci! I bet every one at your house is enjoying him though!

Staci said...

LOL! Sorry Remy. We just now read your letter! We didn't have time to get online when we were in TX. I'm glad that you got lots of hugs. (Ya'll wore him out. He's asleep on the living room floor right now).

Anonymous said...

Remy looks so sad! I wish he could have come to Texas. We missed seeing him in Texas. Several times we thought about how warm it would be to lay next to him during a cold day! Your Mom and Dad and brothers are on their way back home!


Anonymous said...

Remy we missed you here in Temple, Texas. Sorry you got sick - We sure did enjoy Brody, Mike, and Staci. We hope you can make it the next time.