Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas--long

The actual Christmas holiday has come and gone. I have just gotten around to posting a blog. I am a sad soul that gets "homesick" for the home of my childhood during Christmas the most. I still just love the Christmas Eve open house that my mom puts on and the fun of waking up in my childhood bed Christmas morning and seeing mom, brothers and sisters. That being said, we had a lovely Christmas here in KS. A scrumptous meal at Chris' folks Christmas Eve complete with Christmas carols on Dad's new guitar amp. Christmas morning bright and early I had the joy of reading my Bible with Hans who then read "Room for a Little One" to me. He is struggling with his reading at school. He did it and then looked to see what "level" the book was and was delighted that it was not even rated. That was special for me. Mom and Dad A came over for breakfast Christmas morning and we made the kids wait to open presents until they got there! Then Dad (chris) read the Christmas story from 2 books in the Bible.. AGH! They thought they would die waiting! It was lots of fun and we thank those aunts, uncles and cousins who showered them with gifts. Then we had a "roast beast" Christmas dinner at Bill and Paula's house with more presents. Great Grandma gave us a dvd we watched that night.

Putting Collin to bed he had this to say, "Christmas is not as enjoyable as when I was little," {tee hee hee, he is 10} "I want to focus on Jesus and God's gift and then there are all the presents, but they don't make me feel happy." We discussed how the joy of presents do not last, but the joy from filling that God shaped hole inside lets us enjoy our presents more because we do not expect them to make us happy. Sigh, my child is growing up!

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