Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Well, we are off on another adventure-- a new year. We actually saw the New Year in, something we have not done in years. Well, I guess that is not true. In 2004, I was with Alan in the ER who had a mild concussion, that does not count! In 2003 and 2005 we were in hotels traveling back from PA and went to bed before midnight. Last night we had a lovely gathering of some of our friends and we stayed up til 11:30 playing Cranium Jr with the kids. It was silly because there is no logic or rationality with children at that hour of the evening, but time just got away from us. So we put the kids to bed grabbed a little wine and I watched a rebroadcast of the ball dropping in Time Square in New York. Chris read his book the Eldest, second in the Eragon dragon series. (Santa brought it for him).
May God bless you this New Year!
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