Monday, February 12, 2007

What a week!!

The past week, February 5-11 has been a "hum dinger". It started when I got a flat tire in Hutch then got home in time to rush to Bible study. Got out of Bible study late and rushed home only to pulled over for speeding! I was behind the bus by a mile and was trying to catch up. OOPS. She let me off so I could go catch the bus, but chewed me up a bit first. That's OK I deserved it. Then the week just got busy, busier than I like. I had to be gone almost every day, which messes up my rhythmn. Throughout the week Chance kept running to town. HE discovered how to go all the way to town and was being found at: the Medical Center, in the High School, the neighbors (2x) and on Friday he pulled the Straw that broke the camel's back. (I am sure chris will not mind being the camel). I was at a "Women Managing the Farm" conference and Chris was home with Alan. Well, he went to the garage for something and left Chance out to do his 5 minutes (or so) he was gone. When Chris found him in town again, he took him straight to the pound we got him at. Imagine my surprise when I got home!!! Although I was very angry at first, I agree that this most be done before he gets himeself and us in more trouble. Imagine my surprise again when I see the kids had rented the movie "Old Yeller" Friday. They only started it Friday and ketp bugging me to finish it. I kept putting it off expecting lots of crying. We finished it Sunday and I think I was the only one who cried. I think it reminded them of RJ more. So it is now Monday again. I am thankful for the mercies of God that are new every morning! The grace of God that gives us (me) new chances when I mess up and the love of God that holds us through!


Staci said...

I want to cry just THINKING about Old Yeller!!!

Teri said...

NO kidding, I was bawling!