Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More cute puppy pictures!

Well, I simply cannot resist the camera these days. All the pets are in an upheaval and creating great photo opportunities. The puppy who has several names at the moment. Lacey (Erin's choice), White Lightening (Chris' choice) or Pee Widdles (Chris' fun name for her) or just plain puppy. Anyway, Abby has been really put out and our cat Socks will not come down from the shelves in the "rec room". Abby has been creative in finding places to rest where puppy cannot find her. She has been patient, but lets out a warning growl everytime Lacey comes near. And the pup just runs right into her and grabs her tail or tries to nurse and well what can we expect of poor Abby who demands respect and control? So here you go, some pictures:

Lacey trying to peek out under her "Welping Box", she can climb over it already!

I'm so cute I cannot stand it!!!

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Staci said...

So cute! Abby will adjust in time...but she makes some cute pictures until then! lol