Monday, February 19, 2007

We have a baby!

Since we could not be long without a dog for the kids and Abby is just not up to all the love Alan has to share!! We started looking for puppies and found one this weekend. She is 6 weeks old AKC lab pup and C-U-T-E! We brought her home yesterday 2/17/07 and she has been a good little girl ever since. She woke us up 3 times last night to go out, but I have had no piles or puddles to clean up...yet. I know that is a big "yet". Lol.

The kids love her, but Abby is not speaking to us! She even gets free roam of the house at night and she is still mad. Abby has been good and just tried very hard to get on the other side of the house when she sees the pup coming.

No name yet, Alan wanted to call her "Nibbles" (I thought he said something else at first and was highly offended, but it just sounded like that). Erin wants to call her Lacey, there are several of us that like that. The jury is still out. So here are some pictures:

She had been sound asleep on Chris' arm, but caught me snapping the picture!!! Abby was disgusted, "On the couch already!!!!!!!!!!!" She slept behind the couch and would not even get on her chair. Any guesses on how long it takes her to relax and play with the cute little, fat little pup?


Teri said...

Have you noticed Alan is in almost every picture with that pup?

Staci said...

Yes! I'm sure he'll be excited to get home from school today!! She is sooooooo cute!!! I love the puppy dog eyes and floppy ears. So precious!!!