Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nickerson Tournament

This past Thursday night late we got a call from Hans' former baseball coach asking if he would like to participate in a tourney that got rained out earlier in the summer. I was doubious, but my dear husband thought we should ask Hans. It was forecast to be 100 degrees and we did not know how long it would go. Hans was very excited and Chris must have been too, because he took the entire afternoon off to route for his son! THEY WON EVERY GAME. This group of boys only practiced once Friday night. It was "round robin' style, so every team played every other team. Four games, noon til 6:10, 98*. It was very fun to see how hard each of these little guys worked! I wonder if they will ask us back next year.....

Here's a pic of our team! The coaches were awesome, so encouraging and hard working, too.
Rats, forgot to change the date on my camera after putting new batteries in....again!

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Staci said...

That's awesome! Way to go Hans!