Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More CO pictures

Sunrise over Eagle's Nest Mt range...
Let's see I'll finish out the camping pictures with one of master chefs Bob and Mar making breakfast: perked coffee, pancakes, hashbrowns and eggs, juice and buns! YUM. It was so cold the food was so good!

On Friday we went to the Denver Zoo. Here's a big old Rhino contemplating Hans! A pic of everyone in front of the polar bear. They were actually quite cranky by this point, but smiled anyway, well, kind of!

Hmmm, here's a shot of me or my reflection anyway, taking a picture of some lionesses behind the glass. I got other shots of them from the shade, but realized, hey here's a picture of ME! You can kind of see the lions...
Chris and Alan looking at the Kamodo dragon....I'm sure he was pretty tired by now. Chris, not the dragon. This was Friday, it's Tuesday a.m. and Alan just informed me that he is now able to walk normally. whew.

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Staci said...

Glad that ya'll had so much fun! I'm glad you got a pic of you (in the glass) :)