Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Please, please, please..."

After church today we went to BK for some take out burgers to the park. The geese were being fed by another family, but quickly came and found us when they left. Hans' last few hamburger bites and french fries were being coveted. There was one that "talked" to him per se. I have never heard them do anything but "honk".

We had a nice time. Daddy has been working hard, so it was awesome to get out of town together and do something different. Unfortunately our car acted up on the way home and we had to call "brother bill"'s auto help! HELP :-)


Staci said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing lunch before you had car trouble. Was that Carrey Park? I couldn't believe how many geese were there when I was out there on Saturday!

Angi said...

We passed you guys with your hazzards on, and Mykeal said Chris just waved and smiled...we wondered if everything was ok, but thought if you needed help you would have waved us down! SORRY!!! I even called your house hoping your cell number was still on the answering machine, so I could call to make sure. So very soooorrrryyyyy!