Monday, October 16, 2006

Chance it is!

The name for our new pup is Chance or "Chauncey" as Chris has been calling him today ???? Overall he has been excellent. He was intent on rushing the gate the first few days, but has settled in a bit. He has learned how to "flip" the latch, so we have to chain it. He comes easily even for the kids, so Alan can put him back in. One negative is that he likes to jump up on the boys a bit, not Alan and not Erin, but Collin and Hans ? He does not do it mean, but he gets excited and jumps up with both paws going. He gets down quickly like he /knows/ he is not supposed to do it. He is a bit gun shy and does not like rough terrain yet, but there is time to work on that.

SC had homecoming this weekend complete with parade, festival, football and musical. We watched SC stomp Ottawa 46-0, I think. Then we met one of our freshman foster football students, Dustin. Seems like a great guy and the kids indoctrinated him well with a full compliment of Anderson silliness and wildness!

At the end of all this we had the privilege of seeing our senior foster student give the sermon at evening chapel. He finished a series the chaplain started on revival. I was moved and encouraged by all he had to say, way to go John. He aspires to be a pastor someday and I can definitely see it!
I'll leave you with another scrapbook page from fall 2003, this one is completely digital and printed on the big printer I bought from BIL Mitch!

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Staci said...

Completely digital? Do you mean you didn't have to buy all the scrap supplies to do that just did it on your computer? Neat! Still don't think I have the creativity for it. lol :)