Friday, November 30, 2007

More Fall Fun

We had a quiet Thanksgiving. We met with Mom and Dad A and Bill and Paula for a nice Turkey late lunch.
It snowed on "Black Friday" and on White Saturday the kids had fun following tracks that critters left in the snow. Seems some bunnies were checking out the chicken coupe & then headed to the RR tracks.
It was warm that Sunday so I decided to see if my big evergreen tree (that still had last year's lights on it) would still light up. Of course, a year's worth of KS wind rearranged the lights thoroughly, so I had to get the ladder out and fix some. It actually lit up, although the tree has out grown these lights and needs another strand. I had some helpers! I think I had all 6 kittens up in the tree with me "helping" me grab onto the lights. Especially those deep in the tree.

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Staci said...

How funny that the cats were helping you!