Friday, November 30, 2007

Fall Overview 1

OK, time for my bi-monthly blog update!! I thinking I have Halloween parade, Thanksgiving, Christmas lights and hunting to cover. Where to start... this Trick or Treat was a bust! We had church and AWANA that night. We had a very fun time at school They had their parade through town and fun parties in their classes. However, to get some trick or treating done before AWANA we needed to hustle and get started early. This really upset Collin who loves the idea of going around town in the dark.... Erin was kind of headachey and did not want to rush, but was willing to let the whole thing go. The younger boys fell in line with her. They did not even get back into their costumes for me... :o( Fortunately I have pictures from the parade. We forgot to carve the pumpkins we got too. Did I mention that I started working on Monday of this week??? Oh well, like Erin said, what's more important learning about God or a trick or treating. Here's Alan the Power Ranger, Hans the Storm Trooper, Erin the vet and Collin another storm trooper

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