Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hoes, and Shovels and Wheelbarrows OH MY!

How to keep kids weeding the flower beds? Let them take the weeds to the ditch in the wheelbarrow and count how many times they do this. Between most of our flower beds and the area in the driveway that refuses to stop growing grass and weeds, I think we emptied 12 loads. The weather has been such that when we have the time, it's raining and when it is not raining we are doing other things. boy did we pay for it! Now if it can stay nice long enough for us to get it covered before more weeds take their places. lol.
Erin was our barrow master and she would climb in to empty it. Alan managed to sneak a ride at the end!

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Steve and Joan said...

Riding in a wheel barrow is so much fun... if you have a good driver!