Tuesday, March 06, 2007

what's going on...

OK, how can it be March already. My mother came out for a visit 2/19/07 and wham, it's 3/7/07. How does that happen??? Let's see, that week we had gymnastics, family P.E. night, AWANA, lunch with Bill, piano, lunch with Dick and Carol, basketball and cheerleading clinic all Saturday morning while Chris fixed a broken pickup all day. Then Sunday, choir, Monday go to Great Bend for VBS supplies, gymnastics, AWANA, piano, lunch with Paula, coffee with Brandi, basketball Friday and Saturday, Choir Sunday, family dinner Sunday, mom to airport Monday, Bible study Monday and here we are. My mom's sight seeing in KS was from the airport to here, trying to find a restaraunt in Hutch without a 60 minute wait, WalMart, Lyons and back to the airport. She does not mind, she wants to know how our lives are: CRAZY

Here are some pictures of puppy:

Puppy or PRincess?

Sit Lacy, no that is not it, Sit!


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