Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't do grubs!!!

We had red ribbon week at school and Alan was very impacted by what he learned. First thing getting off the bus, he spoke in a very serious voice, "Mom, unless a doctor gives them to you, you're not supposed to do grubs!" "Do what?" I asked him. "Grubs", he said enunciating as cleared as he can. Hmmm, "Drugs?", I asked? "Yesss", he said. Good advise Alan! My 4 year old probably does not even know what "drugs" are medicine, owie medicine would be the terms he knows, but he knows what grubs are! And now he knows what drugs are too!!! After we got a good chuckle, we enlightened him!


Staci said...

My friend, Shauna, blogged about her 5 year olds Red Ribbon Week comment too! She lectured her parents for 5 minutes about all the bad effects of drugs and then said in a quiet voice "and I don't even know what drugs are!" LOL! I'm so glad they're so innocent!

Steve said...

So cute! But... good advice!