Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Andersons had a special dog...

The Andersons had a special dog

Whose fur is white as snow

And anywhere the children went

The dog was sure to go...

He followed them to school one day

Which made them feel like fools

It made the children laugh and play

To see the dog at school.

Yep he did it. He followed the bus to school one morning after taking an unauthorized walk one morning. Actually he was sulking because he and Abby had killed a cat (yep...ewww) and fought over it. Abby gave him a few superficial cuts on his face (or the cat did, no one is talking and telling me what happened). All I know is the dogs were fighting before dawn and after dawn there was a dead cat in the yard--one of our ferrel cats. Anyway, he must have decided there was more fun going on in town. I did not get the call until 12:30 when he was on the playground at lunch recess, but evidently he'd been there all day. What a dog!


Staci said...

I check every day to see if you've posted...I guess you were just saving them up ;)

I like the poem...and I have to say I was laughing about him following them to town! Do you not play with him all day like the kids do?!?!?

Steve said...

I bet the kids at school loved him being there! I've often asked Staci what Remington and Trevor do during the day while Mike and Staci are gone to work. They may show up at church some Sunday just to see what y'all do on Sundays!