Sunday, August 20, 2006

My first post...

Hurray! I have taken the plunge and started a family blog. With the kids starting school and the year's activities, now is the perfect time. I will try to upload frequently (weekly? Daily?) I guess we'll see how it goes.
I have included our most recent family portrait: EAster 2006. I scrapbooked it for a contest, even though I did not win :-(
Alan starts preschool in the morning, so I will have some first day of school pics from the older kids and Alan's first day. The big question: will he get on the bus or will I drive him?????

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Steve said...

Teri and Chris,
This is so cool to be able and stay in touch with Staci and Mike's friends like this. You are such wonderful friends to Mike and Staci and we see that every time Joan and I come up to Kansas. We think often of all the Sterling and Lyons folks we have met. I've always know that Texas is a great state, but I have found out so is Kansas! (because of the people.)

I look forward to seeing your family adventures and then getting to chat with you in Sterling when we come up.

Steve (Staci's Dad)