Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Failure to Launch...

School started here in KS last week. Collin, Erin and Hans all started with little problem. They like their teachers and have favorite friends already. We are all excited because Alan gets to go to half day preschool offered at the grade school. He gets to ride the bus and everything. He started Monday...up early, favorite clothes on, backpacked packed, standing in line waiting for the bus. Collin gets on, Erin gets on, Hans gets on...Alan runs away and hides behind a tree. Crying and clinging Chris and I drive him to the school. I tear him away from me andChris pries him off himself. When I pick him up at 11 he is totally happy and proud of himself. This morning, nope not going, the bus gets here erly and I physically carry him and sit him on the bus. Sigh. At 11:15 I sit awaiting the bus... as you see, he made it! What will tomorrow bring?

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