Saturday, December 15, 2007


On December 10th KS got hit by quite an ice storm! People were predicting a bad storm (over reacting I thought!). Those way out in the country prepared for power's common when you live out in the country. We were thankful we lived so close to town, we don't often lose power during such storms....until now. Monday night we started hearing significant size branches fall from trees. Bill and Paula were already out of power and firing up the generator. I woke up at 1:30 am to darkness and cold. Soon after Alan woke up scared because of the pitch black. We lit a few candles and huddled under blankets. I slept fitfully watching the candles. The City Power plant number was busy until 4 am. By 6:30 we had power--phew. I made a pot of coffee, actually 2 and put one in the thermos. At 8 am the power went off again and it's now Saturday at 5 pm and we stil are powerless. Praise God for the generator that Chris bought to help service harvest equipment in the field. He was able to wire it to the house and have minimal power (fridge, freezer, heat and water). That warmed our spirits and our bodies. Until we learned that we probably ruined the furnace running it on low / sporatic voltage. We will see, we are thankful that we should be getting power soon! Here is our tree back by the kennels Sunday afternoon before Monday's storm, we'd had a light freezing rain...

Here os the same tree Tuesday morning! Our chicken coup is buried under the second picture. are buried under it, f ortunately no one was hurt.Here's the tree in our front yard. It was the first one to go. It was so eerie walking around Tuesday morning listening to everything creek and make noise like it was going to fall down.

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I'm glad you thought of the important things!! ;)